About us

Redline Earplugs began after I developed hearing damage and tinnitus after a long summer of going to loud events. As a 21 year old, this potentially permanent condition has had a major impact on my mental health as I could never enjoy going to any event or party without consciously worrying about my hearing. Therefore I began researching what I could do to prevent others going through the same thing. After multiple attempts of testing different earplugs, it became immediately apparent that none provided the experience of sound and comfortability that I needed to immerse myself in the music and simultaneous conversation. After months of thorough testing, finally, Redline earplugs was born.

For such a preventable problem, it continues to be apparent that the importance of wearing hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss is massively under-appreciated - especially in the younger population. This is why Redline Earplugs not only poses as an online business, but a movement to protect generations from possible hearing impairments and to alter approaches/attitudes towards loud environments.